Cultural heritage is often questioned for its relevance or criticized for representing exclusive perspectives of the past. Interactive technologies can be used to bring up new viewpoints, alternative narratives, or intensify or provoke the user experience when cultural heritage is accessed. In our workshop, Re-Contextualizing Built Environments: Critical & Inclusive HCI Approaches for Cultural Heritage, we invite you to identify approaches that support critical discourse and increase the inclusiveness of cultural heritage and computer mediated interaction with it.

We welcome research or position paper of 2-4 pages in ACM single column format or a pictorial of 4-6 pages through Easy Chair.

Submission topics can include but are not limited to the following topics involving interactive technologies:

  • Case studies of heritage sites.
  • Approaches for dealing with layers of history and conflicting or historically shifting perspectives of historical sites and monuments.
  • Concepts for participatory design approaches to engage people and citizens with diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Concepts for playful interactions with the physical environment to create contextualized built environments for cultural heritage.
  • Approaches to design direct interaction with historical built environments or exhibition spaces and simulations.
  • Critical Inquiries: cultural sensitivities and ethics.

Submissions should not be anonymized. The submission deadline is May 19th, 2023 (AoE). The workshop papers and presentations will be published on the web page. At least one author of each accepted submission has to attend the workshop, and workshop participants must register for at least one day of the conference.


LINDA HIRSCH, LMU Munich, Germany
SIIRI PAANANEN, University of Lapland, Finland
EVA HORNECKER, Bauhaus University, Germany
LUKE HESPANHOL, The University of Sydney, Australia
TSVI KUFLIK, University of Haifa, Israel
TATIANA LOSEV, Simon-Fraser University, Canada
JONNA HÄKKILÄ, University of Lapland, Finland