Muittut, muitalusat, Workshop II

15.9.2020 Muittut, muitalusat, Second workshop, Day I

Organiser: Saemien Sijte 

Place: Teams 

Birgitta Fossum’s presentation dealt with the Saemien Sijte, the way they work and the activities they have.

Elen Kristina Utsi presented the gievrie/the drum. She talked about history, Priest Thomas von Westen, some important drums, and the relationship to the drum. The drum is seen differently in the different parts of Sápmi. There are many feelings connected with the drum. It is important to reflect on respect and ethics when we plan to display the drum. Discussion on the theme in the community is important because things can go wrong so easily. 

Guest lecturer Unni Fjellheim presented the gåptoe. She talked about the accessories of the gåptoe, the materials that were used in the past and are used today, the names of the different accessories worn with the gåptoe, the use of the gåptoe and its accessories and symbolism. The oral history is almost lost, and it is problematic and even a difficult decision to recreate a gåptoe. 

Guest lecturer Ramona Kappfjell Sørfjell’s presentation dealt with language. She talked about her relationship to the Sámi language. She learned the South Sami language through distance learning, going every now and then to the Sámi school to speak the language on a daily basis and to be with other Sámi children. She was a member of “Gïeleviehkie” that wanted to make the South Sámi language visible on social media. This made her use the Sámi language and show the language to the world through humor. 

Present: Elen Kristina Utsi, Birgitta Fossum, Anna-Liisa Jåma, Elin Kristina Joma, Susanne Lyngman, Kai-Rune Hætta, Erik Norberg, Mariana Olofsson from Saemien Sijte, Eeva-Kristiina Harlin, Darja Heikkilä, Anni Guttorm, Outi Pieski from Siida, Sunna Kuoljok from Ájtte, Henrique Rossi, Joo Chan Kim, Karan Mitra from Luleå University of Technology, Mari Suoheimo and Matilda Kalving from University of Lapland, and guest lectures Unni Fjellheim and Ramona Kappfjell Sørfjell. 

16.9.2020 Muittut, muitalusat, Second workshop, Day II

Organiser: Saemien Sijte 

Place: Teams 

Technological part

Henrique Souza Rossi’s presentation dealt with technology that the LTU has worked on and with how the technology works; the areas covered body movement capture technologies, virtual environments and exhibitions and examples. 

Joo Chan Kim dealt with Augmented Reality. Additional interaction: AR face tracking, AR quiz. 

Matilda Kalving dealt with VR dome, hologram, magic mirror, projection on a physical model mannequin, handheld AR magnifying glass and virtual dressing VR. That’s where the journey started. 

Mari Suoheimo introduced ideas associated with the magnifying glass and holograms. 

Discussion about ethics in each museum

Several Sámi institutions are in a process of making ethical guidelines. The Museum is in a Sámification process. Museums are working together with society, involving Sámi societies in museum work to make the Museum better and acceptable for the Sámi people, and to serve and provide things that society needs. 

Ájtte is a Sámi and Mountain Museum. It is important to tell and document Sámi culture from a Sámi perspective. 

Saemien Sijte:
Everything Saemien Sijte does is for the Sámi community and aims to strengthen the identity of the Sámi. That is the main task of the museum. All Sámi traditional knowledge has owners or protectors. The Sámi people have the right to control the documentation and research connected with Sámi culture and the way their own cultural heritage is conveyed. 

Present: Elen Kristina Utsi, Birgitta Fossum, Anna-Liisa Jåma, Elin Kristina Jåma, Susanne Lyngman, Kai-Rune Hætta, Erik Norberg, Mariana Olofsson from Saemien Sijte, Eeva-Kristiina Harlin, Darja Heikkilä, Anni Guttorm, Outi Pieski from Siida, Sunna Kuoljok from Ájtte, Henrique Rossi, Joo Chan Kim, Karan Mitra and Christen Åhlund from Luleå University of Technology, Mari Suoheimo and Matilda Kalving from University of Lapland.