In September, Joo Chan Kim from Luleå University of Technology and Siiri Paananen, Matilda Kalving and Juri Etto from University of Lapland visited Ájtte Mountain and Sámi Museum to see the renewed GAPTA-exhibition. Together with Sunna Kuoljok and Ann-Catrin Blind from Ájtte we organized visitor surveys and user testing including interviews in the museum. These tasks enabled us to understand the usability of the new touchscreen apps and the visitor experience at the GAPTA exhibition. Visiting the Ájtte exhibition was very exciting, as there was a lot of interactive things to try and explore. We also had Sanni Mustonen visiting from Lapin AMK to collaborate with us with her expertise on interactive applications and giving a lecture on Serious Games and Cultural Heritage. Thank you Ájtte Museum for hosting us and for good collaboration during the project!