Saemien Sijte is a south Sámi museum and culture center in Snåase/Snåsa, Norway – in the middle of the heart of the South Sámi area, which extends from Raane/Rana in the north to Engerdal in the south.

Saemien Sijte has a national responsibility in Norway for documenting, preserving, doing research and conveying South Sámi culture. The key task for the museum is documentation of cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and history, and the museum has done this ever since its inauguration in 1964. Saemien Sijte works with forward-looking cultural questions and activities that will strengthen the South Sámi identity, language and the sense of community. One of Saemien Sijte’s main activities also include collection management where they receive objects, pictures, films, sound recordings, archival materials, art and antiquarian buildings. The objects will become available to the public when the new museum is finished.

Saemien Sijte is building a new museum that will be finished in 2021 and open for visitors in 2022 with a new main exhibition. Currently there are about 500 sami objects well-kept in the museum, and Saemien Sijte will receive about 160 objects to the new museum form Norsk Folkemuseum and Cultural Historical Museum in Oslo through the Bååstede repatriation project. Saemien Sijte is open for all visitors with guided tours for schools, businesses or tourists.

Saemien Sijte organises various cultural and professional events every year. Every second year we have Tjaktjen Tjåanghkoe – a South Sámi autumn festival arranged in collaboration with various institutions in Snåase/Snåsa.

Birgitta Fossum, Museum Director
Elen Kristina Utsi, Project Participant

Elen Kristina Utsi

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